Dinosaurs Edit



  • To develop skills on writing in English
  • To learn how to describe with adjectives
  • To identify the different dinosaurs that exist


Dinosaurs were a tremendously varied group of animals. Some dinosaurs were grazers, some were predators, some lived in herds, some had horns and some had armour, but despite all these differences, there were things that all dinosaurs had in common.

In this lesson students are going to learn about dinosaurs. They will have to identify the different characteristics of some dinosaurs.

Learners are going to discuss what they already know and think about the topic. Learners are going to do a game to learn or to remember some adjectives; using their creativity they are going to describe some dinosaurs. Then they are going to do an activity to strength the use of adjectives to describe.


  1. Ask to learners five questions about dinosaurs to motivate them and encourage them to know more about the topic.

Do you know what a dinosaur is?

What do you know about dinosaurs?

Where can you find a dinosaur?

Do you know how to describe a dinosaur?

2. After answering the questions, students will see a video describing some dinosaurs and try to

answer the questions again

Dinosaurs for Kids - Dinosaur Facts for Kids - Dinosaur Videos for Kids

Dinosaurs for Kids - Dinosaur Facts for Kids - Dinosaur Videos for Kids